Saturday, July 9, 2011

On a sewing roll

I've spent a lot of time reading the web and books all about sewing. I finally decided that I had better start sewing. Here's a list of projects I've finished this month.

The first project I worked one was a purse from a McCall pattern. The purse picture on the package looked simple enough. So I start. This pattern caused me so much aggravation. I had quite the potty mouth while working on it. Here's a list of what happened:
-Apparently I didn't read the instructions well enough so after I had the pattern and my material and interfacing out, I realized that there was a lining! So back to the pattern to cut out the lining and more interfacing.

-Realized that I didn't cut out all the pattern pieces. Back to the pattern.

-I never realized just how many pieces it take to make a purse.

-Irritated over the instructions on the construction of the purse. So what does my wonderful crafty self do? I wing it and sew it together the way I want to using the pattern as a guideline.

- There are many thick areas on this purse. I'm surprised I didn't break my machine.

Overall I learned a lot from this purse and it's my first and I have pleasantly pleased with it. It's not perfect but it appears to be functional which is what count right? Here it is in in it's finished state:

The next project that I just finished today was making my daughter a pair of shorts. I used a video tutorial by The Crafty Gemini to guide me. Instead of an actual pattern I used a pair of short which she wears. I was going to make it with T-shirt material but there wasn't enough so I just used regular cotton fabric I have in my stash. I'm 50% happy with the results. For some reason there seems to be bulk in the front crotch area. I'll have to read how to fix this.
Picture of the shorts:

And here she is wearing them:

A new baby should be making his way into the world in about a month. The best thing about babies when being a crafter is that because they are small one can make so many cute things and a lot of material isn't use.

I found this pattern on line to make baby pants. It's from Made By Rae blog. Super super easy and fun. My first pair I did take a bit longer and the second pair I had done in less 30 minutes. Totally in love with this pattern and plan on making a lot more pants.
First pair-crayon pants

2nd Picture-pirate pants.

So overall I'm pretty darn proud of myself. I'm having a blast with sewing and I'm learning a whole lot.


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