Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Something a little new

Okay I know that my blog is mainly dedicated to my knitting and crocheting. But I've been introduced to beading by my friend and I'm SOO addicted. Over the weekend my friend and I made these really pretty earrings. I still need a lot of practice but hey they are wearable and I love them. I'll have to get a pix of them up here soon.

Yesterday I received these cute little flip flop charms. So i sat there trying to decide what to use them for. Ideas were a bracelet, stitch markers, zipper pull or pendant. Well I don't quite have all the materials yet to make a lot of these items so I settled on making some earrings. I was very happy with the end result. I think these are SOOO cute!! They are for sale over at my etsy shop.

Woo Hoo new hat

I posted about this hat over at my etsy shop blog, CatheavenCrafts but I know that others read this blog mainly. I got the knitting and creating bug last night so I decided to try and sit down and design a simple baby hat. Here is what was the end result:

I'm pretty excited and can't wait to try and design some more. I'm hoping to add a little crochet mix into these knitted hats. These will be great for the cold weather which is coming up. I should have more hats in my etsy shop shortly.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Taking the Etsy Plunge

So i've decided to take the Etsy plunge. I'm always making items so I figured why not try again in this world of selling my crafts. I did try about 3 years ago but I was very new to my craft and to the world of selling. I've become a lot more advanced and felt that it might be the right time to try again. SOOO I've opened up a shop. It's called CatheavenCrafts It's very tough starting out because etsy is full of wonderfully extremely talented people. I'm in awe at some of the items I see. I've already received some favorable feedback to my shop and I've also received some less than favorable feedback. I've only been on etsy for 2 weeks now. I honestly almost thought of just chalking the whole thing up. But alas I posted a thread on Ravelry and the wonderful people there said to just keep at it.
I also have a blog dedicated to my etsy store and items. You can find it at CatheavenCrafts here on blogger. I will dedicate that blog strictly to the shop. This blog will still remain my "baby" and I will continue to update it.
So stop by and come browse around my shop. Even if it's a little bare.

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