Saturday, November 2, 2013

My daughter's vision of My Little Pony Costume

For Halloween this year my daughter wanted to be a My Little Pony. I tried looking around the internet and local store for a ready made costume but 1) couldn't find any locally and 2) the price just seemed too high online.

So what did I do in this case? I got creative. I went to youtube and pinterest to look up My Little Pony costume ideas.

Over one weekend we went to a local thrift shop to try and see what we could find. While we couldn't find any My Little Pony Costumes we did find some items that could be put together to make her vision a reality. Her costume idea is based on the character, Flutterbye.

Found this dress. While the dress didn't fit her she liked the bottom half quite a bit. I figured that I would cut the top part off and use the tulle skirt. To make my life less complicated (meaning less sewing and altering) ended up cutting the skirt and adding some of the pink fleece to the back of it for a tie.

Found the perfect yellow top for the top portion of her skirt. It is just a plain yellow cotton shirt.  The shirt was not altered at all. What I did was cut the tulle part off of the sleeves of the above dress and just safety pinned it to the shoulders of this top to add just a little decoration.
For the tail I found this pink fleece scarf.  All I did was cut this scarf up into long strips and sewed the seam together to make the tail. The tail was then sewed on to the very bottom of the top.

For the ears I just used a pink child's headband and fleece. I used this tutorial for the ears. Super easy and quick!

We bought wings at a local store and wa la costume completed. On the day of Halloween parties and Halloween we sprayed her hair with some pink hair color and she was all set. She was very happy with the costume and it was very budget friendly! Here is the finished look!

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