Wednesday, August 20, 2008

County Fair Win

scarf w ribbon
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This year I entered two items into the County Fair. After last year I really wasn't expecting I'd win anything. I entered 2 items into the fair this year. My moondance stole and my lace scarf.

On Saturday night I attended the fair with my family and friends. I was anxious to run to the home arts dept and see how I did, but I wanted to wait until my friend got there. Luckily I didn't have to wait long and as soon as she got there we all headed over.

It took a bit to find where the knitted/crochet items were. All the entries were squished into these glass cabinets. Finally we spotted my entries. At first when i saw my items I thought well another year with no ribbons, BUT alas we spotted a red ribbon hanging underneath my lace scarf. I was so happy but disappointed at the same time. I had really hoped my moondance stole would of gotten something. The judges moved my moondance stole into the same category as my scarf so I am not sure if that had any effect on the outcome. Either way once I got over my disappointment I was happy to at least win something. Julianne was happy for me that I won. Thanks to Julianne I was able to get my entries entered this year as she dropped them off to me. Big hugs to her!!! (now i'll find out if she really reads my blog. haha)

This year the displays were just awful. Beautiful handknit and crocheted blankets were folded so small that you couldn't really get a good gauge on the pattern. Other entries were so jampacked into the displays they were missed. I still don't understand the judging that goes on at the fair. Some beautiful intricate items didn't win yet typical everyday patterns won. Maybe it's the stitch definition or the neatness of the stitches which the judges judge on??? Either way there were some beautiful entries this year.

I am proud of my scarf and I hope to work on my skills to someday either receive a best in show or at least a first place ribbon. Guess we'll see next year.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The cutest octopus you'll ever see

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Okay so maybe I'm biased about it being the cutest octopus. Alysia has been on a fish obsession lately so I decided to make her this cute little amigurumi octopus.

I love crocheting because I don't need to think and it's pretty fast. I had this little guy done in about 2 hours.

Alysia loves it and has now requested a bright pink one! sigh project list never ends!


My first cardigan

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It sure has been a year of firsts for me. With my weight loss I finally decided to tackle a cardigan for myself.

The pattern was from Knitting pure and simple. I LOVE this brand of patterns. The instructions are extremely clear and precise and makes the knitting so much easier.

This cardigan was like marathon knitting. I had this sucker done in 5 days. I was knitting for over 8 hrs a day on this. I got so sick of stockinette stitch i wanted to scream. The yarn was so nice to work with. It was done in TLC Cara Mia. Sadly this yarn is discontinued. Guess when I saw the clearance tag I bought a ton of it way back when.

There are a few eye hurting mistakes but being that i was the knitter I notice it a lot more than the everyday person.

Over all a successful knit and I really enjoy wearing it!

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