Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My first cardigan

Originally uploaded by Catheaven.

It sure has been a year of firsts for me. With my weight loss I finally decided to tackle a cardigan for myself.

The pattern was from Knitting pure and simple. I LOVE this brand of patterns. The instructions are extremely clear and precise and makes the knitting so much easier.

This cardigan was like marathon knitting. I had this sucker done in 5 days. I was knitting for over 8 hrs a day on this. I got so sick of stockinette stitch i wanted to scream. The yarn was so nice to work with. It was done in TLC Cara Mia. Sadly this yarn is discontinued. Guess when I saw the clearance tag I bought a ton of it way back when.

There are a few eye hurting mistakes but being that i was the knitter I notice it a lot more than the everyday person.

Over all a successful knit and I really enjoy wearing it!


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