Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Taking the Etsy Plunge

So i've decided to take the Etsy plunge. I'm always making items so I figured why not try again in this world of selling my crafts. I did try about 3 years ago but I was very new to my craft and to the world of selling. I've become a lot more advanced and felt that it might be the right time to try again. SOOO I've opened up a shop. It's called CatheavenCrafts It's very tough starting out because etsy is full of wonderfully extremely talented people. I'm in awe at some of the items I see. I've already received some favorable feedback to my shop and I've also received some less than favorable feedback. I've only been on etsy for 2 weeks now. I honestly almost thought of just chalking the whole thing up. But alas I posted a thread on Ravelry and the wonderful people there said to just keep at it.
I also have a blog dedicated to my etsy store and items. You can find it at CatheavenCrafts here on blogger. I will dedicate that blog strictly to the shop. This blog will still remain my "baby" and I will continue to update it.
So stop by and come browse around my shop. Even if it's a little bare.


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