Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Baby Gifts for Ashley

On this pregnancy message board I belong to I was paired with what is called a due date buddy. This is usually two ladies who have similar due dates. This was my first time doing this so I was a bit tentative at participating. I am so glad I did. I was paired up with a wonderful lady by the name of Ashley. She is expecting a little girl on the same date as I.

As a crafter, primarily a knitter, I was overjoyed to find out she was having a little girl. Since I'm having a boy there would be no cute little pink and purple girlie items. So as soon as she found out the planning began.

The first gift I made her was this adorable pink hearts blanket. I have had this pattern for a couple of years and have always to make it. Well now was the perfect time! It was a fun knit and I was pleased with the results.

Next up was to make some hats for her. She was showing me some picture of hats from etsy so I had an idea of what she liked. I made her a minnie hat since my first one turned out so cute for my niece. (The picture shown is the one I made my niece. I apparently forgot to take a picture of the newest one)

Up next was a cute little crochet hat with ears:

And last but not least this is the daisy hat from Itty bitty hats. I couldn't find green yarn to make the stem so I just made the daisy and the stem all the same color.

I also made some knit burp cloths which I forgot to take pictures of.

The one item I made that was not yarn related was a cloth covered diaper wipe case. Ashley loves purple (so do I no wonder we get along so well) so I used a mixture of purple fabric and ribbon for her case. I was a bit disappointed with how the case turned out but Ashley loved it. It was my first one I did.

The other non yarn item was the tag baby block which I had made. I was inspired by the tag baby blanket but I wanted to make something different so I found instructions on how to make a tag baby block. It was a lot of fun to make. I added bells inside to help make it a little more entertaining for baby. They are totally child proofed inside so there are no worries that they will come out.

So overall I had so much fun making all these items for my due date buddy, Ashley.


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