Monday, May 4, 2009

Review of some of my favorite yarn stores

I've noticed that I use this blog to mainly post my finished projects. I know that people love to look at pretty pictures but people also like to come to blogs to read about other things related to their blog's focus. So I've decided to try and incorporate other things in this blog.

I live in an area where there is a nice vast selection of yarn shops. Sadly, though due to the economy, there have been a few closures of lys (local yarn stores). Thankfully there are still plenty to choose from.

Cottage Yarns- South San Francisco, ca

This little yarn store is within walking distance from my house. This store is yarn heaven. The owner, Kathryn, has such a mass amount of yarn in her shop that one can spend so much time in here. Since there is so much yarn, it does feel a bit overwhelming when you first walk in. Once you get a feel to how the store is set up it's all over. Cottage Yarns carries a vast amount of name brands that are extremely popular. Some yarn brands are Casacade, Lamb's Pride, Malabrigo, and the list goes on.
Besides having such a wonderful selection, Kathryn is very helpful. I can't tell you how many times I've gone in and needed yarn suggestions for a product and she gladly helped me. This is probably one of the only yarn stores where I feel extremely comfortable.

Prices are competitive for other local yarn stores. Some prices may be a bit higher here but the service makes up for a whatever difference. I'll gladly pay more for yarn if the customer service is there.

I love this store and have no gripes about it. Highly recommend!

The other local yarn store I'll be reviewing today is one I just discovered about a month or so ago.

Purlescence Yarns -Sunnyvale, CA

This yarn store is a bit away from me About a 30 min drive away. The first time I went here I was extremely impressed by the customer service. The staff was friendly and very helpful with my questions. The 2nd time I came I was pretty much ignored, which kind of gave me an unfriendly feeling to the place. Maybe because it wasn't a weekend? This unnerved me a bit just because of how well I was taken care of the first time. This won't stop me from coming here. (at least not yet)

The yarn selection is wonderful. I believe this is the only local store which carries Blue Moon Fibers yarn. I've heard mixed reviews on this yarn and wanted to see it for myself. They also carry some other really nice yarns which I haven't seen anywhere locally.

The other aspect I love about this store is the selection of circular needles and dpns. I've never seen so a store stock so many addi turbo needles! It was like walking into addi heaven. The prices were wonderful also! Probably the least expensive I've seen anywhere for addi needles.

Overall I do enjoy this store. Yarn selection and price will make any knitting/crocheter eager to spend their moo-lah here.

There are other yarn stores I've been to locally but I'll just do two for now. Would love to hear other's reviews of these stores.


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