Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Gift

Elaines altered gift 5-10-09 (2)
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I wanted to try to make something crafty and cute for my mother in law for Mother's Day. It took me a couple of days to figure out what to make. I decided on making her an altered tin. My sister in law had got me a bunch of different tins for a present a year or so ago so all I needed to do was decorate it.

I first started with origami paper. I lined the entire outside body with blue floral origami paper. I then used this adorable Japanese girl in a kimono stamp and stamped her 10 times. I colored half of them red and the other half. I used little rhinestones to put in the middle of her stash in red and clear.
Elaines altered gift 5-10-09 (1)

The front of the altered tin has a little Japanese boy and girl sitting. I stamped them and colored them. They are attached with a foam 3d dot.
Elaines altered gift 5-10-09

The top and bottom of the tin are outlined with an adorable red ribbon. The handle has the same red ribbon as the outline of the box along with light blue ribbon.

There was a small dilemma of how I was going to decorate the top of the tin. I didn't want to try and cut out the origami paper to make it fit on the top so I ended up taking the same color origami paper and using CTMH stamp set Baroque and stamped out "MOM". To also add a little bit more to the top I took the same red rhinestones and attached them to the sides of the top.
Elaines altered gift 5-10-09 (4)

To make it personalized and signify that this was a mother's day gift I took pictures of her (adult) children and attached them to the inside lid. I then took some chipboard designs that I had that were appropriate for the occasion and attached those.

Overall I was very with the result and so was my mother in law. I loved creating this tin and for me it shows that i can be creative when the mood strikes.


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