Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Dog tale

Last night I took a break from my knitting to just veg in front of the computer playing World Of Warcraft (aka WoW). Hours and hours of mindless questing does a knitter/crocheter good sometimes.

So instead of sharing a project with you today I decided to share a story with you. I am sure that any knitter/crocheter who owns animals has been through what I've been through. So let's start off with me showing you my adorable doggie. This is my youngest dog, Sadie, in the house.


Isn't she just adorable? There's not a naughty bone in her little body.... HA!!! Yes I am sure you can hear the laughter radiating from my house right now. Miss. Sadiekins (as i call her) loves, LOVES my yarns and needles. She's victimized a few skeins of perfectly brand new skeins of yarn already. I've salvaged some of them and others are still sitting in their lovely mess.

On Tuesday night I left my project on my table to check on dinner. I come walking down our hall and what do my eyes see? My skein of yarn halfway down the hall with my project attached!I was yelling and waving my arms, looking like a typical nut. Thankfully my project didn't unravel as it was on dpns. A few minutes later I sit down to start working on it again when I realize I can't the 4th needle. With a sinking a feeling I realized that Sadie must of taken off with it too. To my dismay she did.

Here is what I found on the floor.


This is one of the things that can make a knitter just cry. Luckily the set had 5 in it so I was able to finish my project. I've come to the conclusion that:

Cute dog + yarn/needles (knitting) = could be diaster.


julianne said...

omg i was so worried sadie ruined your project. i was so relieved to read that it was your needle. nevertheless, i'm sorry she ate it :( Rosie ate 3/4 of one of my mom's leather belts. it was pretty funny.

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