Thursday, January 24, 2008

Completed Wallaby

Originally uploaded by Catheaven.

So here it is! My very first wallaby! I was so excited to finally get it done. I had this all knit up in 4 days. Would have been 3 days if I didn't run out of yarn. This was my first sweater that i worked completely in the round. I REALLY really like working in the round with all st st. Easy peasy!

I did try to get Alysia not to want the hood just so that I could finish it up but she wanted the hood. I am glad that I did do it though. I really didn't have too many problems with the pattern. I've read that a lot of people had trouble with the pouch. I read through some tips and had no problem at all. My only problem really was the underarms. It was hard for to visualize how it was going to work. Finally I just buckled down and said to heck with it and did it.

The yarn was a lot of fun to work with. It's very warm also. Judging by the expression on Alysia's face I say this wallaby was a hit!


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