Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Hobby-Cooking

Lately instead of crafting I have been cooking. I have always enjoyed to cook and make new dishes for my family but never had the time. I have had some free time open up and besides taking care of new son I am watching a lot of Food Network and scouring all different types of cook books.

I recently just started trying to cook Asian food. I have always had a little trepidation with trying to cook any type of Asian dishes as I just never thought I could. Recently I was craving pot stickers and I decided to look up some recipes on how to make it. Once I had my ingredients written off to the asian supermarket I went. I was a little terrified at the time commitment that it takes to make potstickers so I had tried to start early. Let's just say it did take awhile but it went a lot faster once I found this great gadget that formed the potsticker wrappers for me. Eventually I will learn to fold them correctly. The potstickers turned out wonderful and we ate them all up within a couple of days.

Half of the potstickers were filled with a mixture of cooked chicken, napa cabbage, bamboo shoots and garlic. I basically just used my food processor to chop it extremely fine. The other half were made with the same ingredients except they had a ground beef/pork mixture.

I personally enjoyed the ground beef/pork mixture.

I am planning on trying my hand at some more Chinese cooking later this week.


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