Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just a little something for Easter

0331092155bunny heads
Originally uploaded by Catheaven.

I decided that for a treat for Alysia's class that I'd whip up something for Easter for her "friends". Being the big procrastinator that I am I waited too long to really make something cute for them. So I opted to crochet little bunny heads for the class. (Although they kinda look like dog heads).
Alysia saw me making them and loved them. She asked who was I making them for, so I told her. A few minutes later she gave me a list of names of all her friends. ( all the kids in her class). She also let me know just how many friends she had. Alysia tells me, "I have 16 friends and here are all their names."
I gave them to the teacher this morning so hopefully teacher will pass them out today or tomorrow.


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