Thursday, March 5, 2009

Baby Blanket Finished

So I've learned that knitting blankets take me at least 5 times as long as crocheting them. This blanket took me just about 2 months to finish. Of course I wasn't working on it everyday so I probably could of finished in about a month. I did enjoy knitting this blanket as the pattern was simple yet it made a fun design. This blanket is part of my stash reduction plan for this year. So far I've used up 37 skeins of yarn!
Here it is!

So next on my list is to finally finish my monkey socks which I started during the Olympics. I developed some serious 2nd sock syndrome. I'm actually already on the foot part so hopefully it'll go pretty quickly.

I'm trying to finish up a few WIP's (work in progress) so that I can finally pick out and start a lace project. I'd like to enter another lace shawl in the fair this year so I'll have to get started soon. Plus I'm dying to start something nice and lacey.


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