Friday, October 3, 2008

Combining my love for crochet and paper

So the other week I asked some friends what they might like to see if they were to receive a box full of handmade samples. Thank you to all who answered. After many days of brainstorming trying to figure out how I can easily make something that would incorporate my etsy shop and what I sell I came up with this idea.

I took my love for crochet and combined with my papercrafting and came up with this new take on the matchbook note sets that people make now. To advertise I used my business card as the cover page. In the future I will be making some new sizes and styles which will be up over at my etsy shop sometime in the near future. I'm a little iffy putting them up on etsy only because I checked over there and I haven't seen (or can find) this idea up there. I shall see though. I think these would be great to carry around in your purse or bags. They'd also make great and useful gifts in party bags. Drop me an email if you ever need some.

I'm pretty excited about them. They actually aren't as quick as i had hoped they be but they're quicker than knitting a dishcloth. I'm very happy with them! leave me a comment about what you think of them!


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