Saturday, October 19, 2013

Altered Hello Kitty Binder

The other night I was thinking to myself how I needed a quick crafty project to do. I decided on making an altered notebook binder which I can easily carry around. I am a Hello Kitty fan and I love incorporating her into my crafts.

So I have a couple of these binders which have been sitting around for awhile. I picked them up at the kinokuniya stationary store in Japantown a few years ago. I do remember that they were on clearance. I originally had planned on using them to keep track of my knitting projects, but my knitting slowed down a lot. Anyways here is the binder before being altered:

                               Front View:

                           Side View:

I wasn't sure if I wanted to use some type of Hello Kitty themed paper and decorate with stickers or to use fabric. Then I happened to look over at this one section of my desk and saw my Hello Kitty duct tape. Perfect!!!!!

So basically all i did was cut strips and pretty much just taped all around the binder on the inside and the outside. I felt then that I needed something to help break up the busyness of all the HK heads so I added a few stickers to the front.

Here is what the end result looked like:

I am still a big fan of writing things down, so I have scraps of paper all over the place. (Yes I know we live in the digital age, but you know sometimes these electronics just don't always work when we want or need them to. ) Sometimes I need to have these notes with me so I decided that I'd keep this in my binder, but where would I put them??

Well I decided to make a little pocket on the inside. This was super simple to make. I took an old envelope from throw away mail and just cut the sides to fit and then I took the Hello Kitty tape and taped it in the inside cover. I then added a couple more stickers and wham a cute completed inside pocket.

So that pretty much completes my project. I enjoyed making it and am glad to share it.

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